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Hebe: The goddess of youth

Hebe: Greek goddess of youth and cup-bearer of mount Olympus.
Hebe: Greek goddess of youth and cupbearer
of Mount Olympus.
Hebe (or Ήβη) is the goddess of youth in Greek Mythology. According to the mythological source, she was living in the Mount Olympus with other Greek gods, as their cupbearer. She is the daughter of goddess Hera, the queen of Greek gods, and Zeus the ruler of the Gods. Her symbols include Wine-cup, Eagle, Ivy, and the Fountain of Youth. In Roman mythology is known as Juventas.

She is often represented as a young woman that bears a jug and a cup. She was responsible for carrying the divine nectar and filling the cups of the Greek gods. Nectar was originally a name of the food or drink of the gods in Greek mythology but later was renamed to ambrosia. Ambrosia or divine nectar was offering longevity and immortality to whoever drank it. The consumption of the nectar was only allowed for divine beings. When Greek heroes, such as Hercules, arrived in Mount Olympus they were given the divine nectar.

Personal life

When Hercules passed to the underworld, the Greek gods decided to bring him at the Mount Olympus. She married Hercules when he arrived at the Mount Olympus, and she gave birth to two sons: Alexiares and Anicetus. When she married the Greek Hero Hercules, Zeus replaced her with one of his lover, Ganymede.