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Greek Godess Athena: The goddess of wisdom, courage, and inspiration

Greek Goddess Athena emerging  from Zeus' head fully armored.
Greek Goddess Athena emerging
from Zeus' head fully armored.
Athena (Ἀθηνᾶ or Minerva) is the Greek Goddess of wisdom, courage, and inspiration, residing in mount Olymous. She is also connected with the ideas of law and justice, mathematics, strength, war strategy, and skill. She has many symbols, but the owl is the most common. Other less common symbols include the olive tree, snake, Aegis, armor, helmets, and spears. Athena is often portrayed with a helmet on her head, attired with an aegis or cuirass, and an extremely long spear. She is the virgin patroness of Athens. The Athenians founded the Parthenon on the Acropolis of her namesake city, Athens, in her honor. Athena is known for her calm temperament, as she moves slowly to anger. She is noted to have only fought for just reasons, and would not fight without a purpose. Athena is portrayed as a shrewd companion of heroes, such as the Greek hero Hercules.

Birth of Goddess Athena

She is daughter of Zeus and the Oceanid Metis. Metis was of the Titan generation born before Zeus. According to Theogony, Zeus when slept with Metis, he  immediately feared the consequences. It Zeus himself. To eliminate the thread, Zeus turned herself into a fly and swallowed her. However, Metris had already conceived a child, the Goddess Athena. Eventually, she rose from her father's head fully grown and in full battle armor. It had been prophesied that Metis would bear extremely powerful children: Athena and a son more powerful than

Life of Goddess Athena

The tradition regarding Athena's parentage involves some of her more mysterious adjectives: Pallas. According to the Greek myth, a distant separate divine entity named Pallas is invoked as Athena's father, sister, companion, or opponent in battle. In every case, Athena kills Pallas, distraught over what she has done, Athena takes the name Pallas for herself. In later time, Hephaestus attempted to rape Athena, but she eluded him. The myth says that she fell to the earth and Erichthonius was born from the Earth, Gaia. Athena then raised the baby as a foster mother.

Another famous Greek myth regarding the involvement of Greek Goddess Athena, is the Judgment of Paris. According to the myth, Paris had to decide who was fairest Goddess from Aphrodite, Hera, and Athena. All the Goddess decided to bribe him as he couldn't decided. Hera was giving the control over all Asia and Europe, while Athena offered wisdom, fame and glory in battle, and Aphrodite the most beautiful mortal woman in the world as a wife. He chose eventually the Goddess Aphrodite. The mortal woman was Helen, that was already married to King Menelaus of Sparta. The other two goddesses were enraged by this and through Helen's abduction by Paris they brought about the Trojan War.