Monday, December 28, 2015

Greek Goddess Hestia: the goddess of the hearth and architecture

Hestia (Ἑστία) is the Greek goddess of the hearth, architecture, home organization, the family, and the state. Goddess Hestia is the offspring of the Titans Rhea and Cronus, and sister of ZeusPoseidonDemeterHera, and Hades. She is in the first Olympian generation and is one of the original twelve Olympians, residing to mount Olympus. Goddess Hestia is often removed from the Olympian list in favor of Greek god of wine and entertainment Dionysus.

Hestia rejected the marriage proposals from the Greek god of the seas Poseidon and Greek god of light Apollo, and swears herself to perpetual virginity. She was almost raped by Priapus, the fertility Greek god. God Zeus assigns Hestia to feed the burning fires of mount Olympus with the combustible portions of animal sacrifices to the gods. As the Greek goddess of hearth she personified the fire burning in the center of every home in ancient Greece.

Unfortunately, little is known for goddess Hestia. She wasn't famous and didn't have many mortal-like characteristics as the other Greek gods, although she was worshiped in many temples.